Reducing Errors and Speeding Calculation through Automation

Reducing Errors and Speeding Calculation through Automation

Armel Brou, DCDJ Fellow in Côte d’Ivoire, provided support to the data management team at CMS…

Empowering Counselors and Social Workers with Rapid Access to Key Patient Information

Empowering Counselors and Social Workers with Rapid Access to Key Patient Information

Linda Sanogo, a DCDJ Fellow in Côte d’Ivoire, worked with a community health facility to develop…



Abdoulaye Bagaya, a DCDJ Fellow in Côte d’Ivoire, developed an app for FSU COM Abobo Sagbe…

Using Data to Build Health Resilience From the Ground Up in Cote d’Ivoire

Through a dashboard providing information on priority health centers in Abidjan, users better understand how patients…


DCDJ Data Fellows addressed data use and training needs within the Ministry of National Education in…

Digital Health

Digitizing Patient Records for Improved Patient Care

Blanchard Kablam, a DCDJ Fellow in Côte d’Ivoire, developed MyTrack – an app that digitizes the…

Using Data on Traditional Medicine to Help Trace HIV/AIDS Outcomes

The DCDJ Fellow, Evariste Dongo, built a data management tool for traditional medicine centers.

Figure 2 – Localités retenues pour la région du Gbêkê

Identification des Localités Propices pour la Construction de Collèges de Proximité

SEJEN CI collabore avec le Ministère de l’Education Nationale et de l’Enseignement Technique de la Côte…



SEJEN CI collabore avec des partenaires du PEPFAR pour optimiser la gestion et l’utilisation des données…

Données sur la Médecine Traditionnelle pour aider à la Traçabilité des Perdus de Vue VIH/SIDA

Le boursier DCDJ, Mr. Dongo présente l’outil de gestion données des Centre de Médecine Traditionnelle

Figure 2 - Capture d’Ecran du Programme Developpee

Automatisation de Rapports d’Activités Périodiques au Port Autonome d’Abidjan

SEJEN CI collabore avec l’Autorité Portuaire de la Côte d’Ivoire, pour améliorer la prise de décision…

Mapathon for the Daloa mapping at DCDJ’ s office

Building HIV/AIDS Response through Youth-led Community Mapping in Daloa, Côte d’Ivoire

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) supported a youth-led community mapping initiative to collect citizen-generated data…


Building the Programme National de Lutte contre le Sida (PNLS)’s capabilities to make better decisions through data and tools

The DCDJ Fellowship provides a dual benefit for both Côte d’Ivoire host organizations and Data Fellows…


Building an Efficient HIV/AIDS Database for Improved Data Use in Côte d’Ivoire

A Data Fellow placed in Côte d’Ivoire’s National AIDS Control Program (PNLS), Ali Diakité, built a…

Smart Growth Diary Solution

An innovative solution to improve early childhood development through reduction of stunting


RiseUp: Fursa Kiganjani

Tailored user experiences to uniquely empower the girl child with the opportunities, networks, mentorship and information…



A data-driven mobile service which seeks to reduce HIV prevalence amongst people who inject drugs (PWID)


Jamii Dashibodi: Stay smart, Make informed decisions

Jamii Dashibodi is a web based integrated dashboard and platform providing access to disaggregated comprehensive Sexual…


Substance abuse prevention amongst youth in Temeke, Dar es Salaam

Connecting Students to Textbooks

Mbeya Highlands FM, a community radio station in Mbeya region, is using digital tools to publish…

Seeding Data Use Among Hospital Staff

Evangelical Lutheran Church Hospitals are Strengthening their Capacity for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Putting Data to Use for Zanzibar

Putting Data to Work for Zanzibar

To prioritize budgets and patient needs, a pediatrician helps health workers analyze an “overwhelming” amount of…

Integrated Intelligent Healthcare

Integrated, Intelligent Healthcare to Improve Pediatric Health Outcomes in Tanzania

Dr. Elsa is a health assistant tool for care providers that offers symptom assessment, decision support,…

Using data, storytelling and media technology for behavior change.

Using data, storytelling and media technology for behavior change

Key Focus: Reducing the rate of Teenage Pregnancy & STIs

Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

DCLI projects focus on developing key capabilities in partner-country citizens to collect and analyze data on…


Disability is not Inability – Employable Africa

4.2 million people live with a disability in Tanzania, and 13.2% of Tanzanian households have at…

Identification of sites for local neighborhood colleges in Ivory Coast

Identification of sites for local neighborhood colleges in Ivory Coast

The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Cote d’Ivoire benefited from an investment from the Millennium Challenge…

Data workshop inspires local NGO

Data workshop inspires local NGO

The living situation of girls and young women is challenging throughout the world, but even more…

Maasai Mart

Maasai Mart: E-Commerce Platform for Local Tourism Products and Services

Tanzania’s tourism industry provides a variety of business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Arusha City, creating jobs…


Twende: Tanzania’s answer to Uber

Tanzanian commuters in urban areas have many transportation options, including taxi cars, passenger motorcycles (bodaboda), and…

Traditional Medicine Data to Help Trace HIV/AIDS Lost To Follow-Up

Traditional Medicine Data to Help Trace HIV/AIDS Lost To Follow-Up

It is estimated that 80% of the population in Cote d’Ivoire chose traditional medicine for methods…

Empowering Women & Young Girls through Data

According to ITU “Women account for one-half of the potential talent base throughout the world”, but…

Using fashion and data to promote dialog on sexual health

Empowering everyday people with awareness about HIV/AIDS-related challenges in their community, and equipping them with actionable…

A wall mural in Temeke District contrasts a drug-riddle city in despair (left side) against a drug-free Tanzania. Text embedded in the mural shows data about the extent of drug abuse in the area. Photo Credit: TBI production team.

Data Murals Tackle Drug Abuse and Reproductive Health Challenges in Dar Es Salaam

In one of Tanzania’s communities most affected by HIV/AIDS, graffiti artists use data to connect people…

eShangazi (“eAunt”) is a chatbot that invites users to chat with a robot who provides sexual health information and resources. Users can SMS, Whatsapp, or Facebook Message the chatbot; in Tanzania, Facebook Messages are completely free, so there is no additional cost to access this information.

One of Tanzania’s largest news organizations pioneers the country’s first “health data desk”

Mwananchi Communications builds a team, infrastructure, and skills to make information about health sector issues accessible…

Newly-revealed Shina boundaries offer unprecedented hyperlocal data for decision-makers in Tanzania

Community mapping efforts in Dar Es Salaam are enabling local leaders to leverage information about the…

Layering map data to increase HIV testing and counseling services

A PEPFAR implementing partner in Tanzania combines community-generated data of nightlife hotspots with health facility locations…

Eradicating data discrepancies to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

After building skills working with and cleaning data, a PEPFAR implementing partner in the Southern Highlands…

NIPO: Reducing School Absenteeism by Capturing & Tracking Data

Digitalizing information to inform solutions

Gwakisa George

Dispensary construction: A community data driven initiative

After data from community meetups elevated health care to the top of his priorities, a local…

Data Science Curriculum

Data Science curriculum

A University of Dar es salaam data science curriculum Data Use Story, Supported by the Tanzania…

Advanced data planning tool evolution to adapt statistical needs

A Partnership in Statistics for 21st Century Data Use

Data journalism meets community radio in Tanzania

Mbeya Highlands FM, a community radio station in Mbeya region, is using digital tools to publish…

Dr. Omari at the School of Data summer camp, hosted at the dLab.

Allocating resources at an overcrowded hospital in Dar es Salaam

To prioritize budgets and patient needs, a pediatrician helps health workers analyze an “overwhelming” amount of…

Upgrading Amana Hospital’s Medical Records System to Enhance Patient Origin Tracking

Small but mighty tweaks to a major hospital’s electronic health information system (eHIS) are helping clinical…

This map shows shina boundaries in Makangarawe ward in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania’s National Bureau of Statistics Gets Hands-On with the Tools and Techniques that Power Citizen-Generated Data

Tanzania’s primary coordinating agencies for national statistics and local government build familiarity with open-source tools and…

A new curriculum, developed with the dLab, includes training on data collection and location data tools.

Strengthening Tanzania’s Subnational Data Ecosystem

As authority over planning and implementation of development efforts transitions to local governments, subnational actors build…

A workshop with KIHUMBE staff and peer educators about ways to use hotspot maps for more effective community outreach.

Generating Location Data to Allocate Community Workers Where They Are Most Needed in the Fight Against HIV

In the southern highlands of Tanzania, KIHUMBE’s team uses low-cost digital tools to produce maps and…

Data Zetu’s Data Fellows provide basic data literacy training to TANPUD staff.

Digitizing Data to Improve Advocacy for People Who Use Drugs

A support organization for people who use drugs, who are at higher risk of transmitting HIV,…

Participants listen to the data roadmap presentation at the District Action Planning Event in Kyela, 3rd Nov. 2018.

Developing Tanzania’s First Subnational Data roadmap

In rural Tanzania where data-informed decisions can transform the battle against HIV/AIDS, Kyela District Council is…


Tausi Jukwaa

A Data-Driven Platform for Menstrual Hygiene Management

Signboards indicating location of the Health Facility

afyaBox: Connecting Tanzanians to Health Services

Improve Access to Health Services in the Moshi Municipal District by Integrating a User Friendly Mobile…

Screenshots showing the Mlinde Game Start Screens, Level 1and Level 1 Game Play

Mlinde Game: Enjoy your health – and protect hers

Teaching young men about HIV/AIDS through gamification



Empowering girls to take ownership of their reproductive health by accessing information



Increasing access to health information for better decision-making



Connecting parents to their children’s education

Photo Credit: Binti na Maamuzi team

Binti na Maamuzi (Daughters and Decisions)

Uncovering local data on abuse to improve HIV/AIDS services for adolescent girls and young women

Photo Credit: Daniel Kitwika

NIAJIRI: Your Career Starts Here

Using AI and data to equip youth with employable skills and provide employers access to young…

Be A Lady study conducted at Chang’ombe Secondary School.

Be A Lady Vending

Bringing convenient sanitary pads to young girls in Dar es Salaam

HSRS and DLIIC team during a capacity building workshop

Health Service Rating System (HSRS)

Empowering Tanzanians to rate the quality of health services

Fighting School Dropouts among Girls

An Innovative Predictive Tool that Empowers Citizens, Communities, and Local Governments with Information

Using Radio to Spark Dialog and Awareness about Sexual Health for Young Women in Tanzania

In rural Tanzania in communities at high risk of HIV/AIDS, citizens tune into a new radio…

Our Voice, Our Health

A community feedback system to improve health services

Patients wait for medicine that may not be in stock

Real-time Medicine Tracker to Improve Health in Tanzania

OKOA is a cloud-based system for information sharing between health sector stakeholders


Connecting Users in Zanzibar with Hospitals and Pharmacies

HealthLoc Platform to Locate Nearby Health Facilities

Community outreach in preparation for the outdoor cinema in Kadoto B

UsichanaWangu Kwanza

Improve Access to Health Services in the Moshi Municipal District by Integrating a User Friendly Mobile…


Jilinde, A Mobile Game

Using gamification to empower AGYW with strategies to avoid HIV infection

Citizen Priorities

Citizen Priorities in Rural Tanzania Inform District Medical Officer’s Health Investments

When presented with community-generated data about low supplies of essential medicines in Kyela District, a local…

Aligning Investments

Aligning Investments to Community Needs in Western Tanzania

Iyunga is ward in Mbeya District Council in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania with a total…

Discussions on Data Drive Improved Community Services

Discussions on Data Drive Improved Community Services

Located in Southern Dar es Salaam, Temeke District has a population of just over 700,000—making it…

Data Converges with Fashion

Data Converges with Fashion for Social Change

As reinforced through PEPFAR’s investments in DREAMS partners across Tanzania, young people in Tanzania and globally…

Building Data Confidence

Building Data Confidence and Tools to Improve Decision Making in Kyela

In Tanzania, local government authorities (LGAs) play a critical role in delivering ‘frontline’ public services to…

Strengthening Health Systems

Strengthening Health Systems and Improving Services in Tanzania Using Data

IntraHealth International is a global health organization involved in HIV prevention, family planning, and reproductive health…

Data Mapping to End Child Exclusion

Save the Children (SC) is the world’s leading independent organization for child advocacy. They work in…

Making Data Accessible

Making Data Accessible through Storytelling in the News

Data is intimidating. For most people, statistics lack relevance to their daily lives. Spreadsheets, numbers, and…

Magnifying Citizen's Voices

Magnifying Citizens’ Voices to Advance Practical Local Government-supported Solutions

In Tanzania, local government authorities (LGAs) play a critical role in the country’s national development. The…

Temeke MP (seated, white jacket) reviews footage from the documentary Data Zetu is producing of him to share his insights as a data ambassador

Informing Parliamentary Decision-Making and Enhancing Citizen Participation

In Tanzania, 393 individuals serve as Members of Parliament, and these individuals serve an important role…

Harmonizing data to support orphans and most vulnerable children

Harmonizing Data to Support Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children

The Mango Tree is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports orphaned and vulnerable children/most vulnerable children…


ADAPT: Putting Data to Work for Tanzania

The United Nations approved the Sustainable De-velopment Goals (SDGs) in 2015 to achieve broad development targets….

Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy through Data

C-Sema is a national organization focused on providing social welfare services to children in Tanzania. Their…

C-SEMA: Using Data to Optimize a Child Protection Helpline in Tanzania

C-Sema is a national organization focused on providing social welfare services to children in Tanzania. Their…


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