Introduction to Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ)

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) – Data Fellowship Program

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) – Highlighting the Data Fellows

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) – 23/23 Project

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) – Open Data Readiness Assessment

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) – Data Inventory

Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) – Final Remarks

Learn about the first ever Data in Khanga Fashion show created by Tanzania Bora initiative under the DCLI Data Zetu Project to promote dialogue on gender-based violence.

Fostering data confidence and use in local government in Tanzania

Engaging youth with data skills in Tanzania

PEPFAR Scholars use data science to improve the world

SEMA! Music + data to bring awareness about sexual abuse

Data in action at the 2017 Data Tamasha in Tanzania

The dLab is a space in Tanzania that spurs innovation, learning and collaboration

Learn about the DCLI program

DataRev summary video

Listening campaign methodology

Interview with the data fellows in Côte d’Ivoire

Meet data fellow Joachim Mabula

Meet data fellow Jean Jacques Stephane Albo

Meet data fellow Farida Makame

Meet data fellow Itanisa Mbise

Meet data fellow Vicensa Fulko

Meet data fellow Issa Mmbaga

Meet data fellow Idriss Kone


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